About Us

Who we are

GMPK Inc is an independent product evaluation and review website that aims at reviewing top products and services found online. When we find something of exceptional value to us, we share it with the general public. Everything we review will contain links or images that link to the original owners website that we may or may not receive a commission for.

The government in the United States (specifically the FCC) requires us to inform you of this relationship. However, it does not mean that because we are reimbursed for our time to evaluate a product or service, that our opinions aren’t valid, or true.

What we cover

We are not limited to any topic, public service, or product found on the internet. If you would like us to review something in particular, just hit us up on our “Contact Page”. We take all requests seriously, but some products or services may be outside the scope of our expertise to review, or out of range for our financial cap. It just depends on what it is.

When do you publish new reviews?

We have no set schedule for posting product reviews so, there may only be a few posted each month. There are so many great undiscovered products that work better than Nationally recognized brands, that its fun to help people discover an easier way that often cost less.